DYF Orphan Sponsorship Initiative:

 GAZA 2023-2024

Every single sale of DYF Beauty brushes helps a child in need to receive proper care including nutritious food, clean water, education, shelter, medical equipment and treatment, and ongoing healthcare. We have partnered with Human Concern International (HCI) who has teams on the ground across multiple areas of need including within the Gaza, which is our area of focus this year. So far we have been able to send multiple trucks packed with necessities for urgent distributions, and we are gathering more supplies for long term care. With your support, we have been able to begin the sponsorship of over 200 orphans in Gaza so far with enough funds for an entire year as of December 2023, and moving forward in 2024 each sale of DYF Beauty brushes equals one more child sponsored for one more month. Our goal is to provide these children with everything they need, for as long as they need. Thank you for being a part of changing the future of these kids with us.